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Welcome to Skagit Imaging Pavilion


The Skagit Imaging Pavilion is the result of a partnership between Skagit Radiology, Inc and Skagit Regional Health. A modern imaging center featuring 3D mammography as well as CT, MRI, and Ultrasound, the facility reflects their continued joint commitment to providing the residents of Skagit County and nearby areas in Northwest Washington with high quality advanced medical imaging services. The facility was also made possible by the efforts of the Skagit Valley Hospital Foundation and generous donations from many members of the community.

The mission of the Skagit Imaging Pavilion is to provide patient-focused care utilizing modern diagnostic imaging technologies in order to help diagnose and treat disease. Our team of Radiologist physicians, imaging technologists, and patient support staff are dedicated to providing compassionate personal care for all our patients. We work in collaboration with the skilled providers of Skagit Regional Health to ensure patients obtain excellent coordinated care.

Please explore this site to learn more about our facilities, services, and providers. We hope that you will schedule your next medical imaging test or procedure at the Skagit Imaging Pavilion and allow us to demonstrate our commitment to every patient.

The Women's Imaging Center

The Women’s Imaging Center comprises one half of the Skagit Imaging Pavilion and is dedicated to providing the women of Northwest Washington with a protected calm environment for their medical imaging tests.

Our primary goal is the detection and diagnosis of breast cancer in order to help save lives. As the successor to the Breast Care Center, the Women’s Imaging Center continues a tradition of compassionate care that has served the region for four decades. Although our facilities have been upgraded, many of the faces remain the same.

Our team of highly trained breast imaging radiologists, skilled technologists, and dedicated support staff all work together to provide high quality and personalized care for all our patients. These include state of the art 3D mammography, breast ultrasound, and breast MRI as well as imaging-guided breast procedures.

Visit the Women’s Imaging Center site for more information and to schedule an exam.

Women's Imaging Center Team

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The Comprehensive Imaging Center

The Comprehensive Imaging Center (CIC) comprises the other half of the Skagit Imaging Pavilion. An extension of the adjacent Skagit Valley Hospital, the CIC is dedicated to providing high quality advanced medical imaging in a convenient outpatient setting.

Imaging Services Available at CIC

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Computed Tomography - CT

A Siemens 64 slice CT scanner at the Skagit Imaging Pavilion quickly and efficiently obtains medical images for diagnosis. Protocols are in place to help minimize radiation dose while still ensuring image quality.

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The Skagit Imaging Pavilion was one of the first sites in the country to obtain Siemen’s Solara MRI scanner. A 1.5T system, it utilizes many of Siemen’s latest imaging technologies to obtain excellent images for the detection and diagnosis of disease.

The Solara is also a large bore scanner, with the widest opening available for a closed  MRI system in order to help minimize claustrophobia while still maintaining image quality.

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The Skagit Imaging Pavilion offers outpatient ultrasound exams including sonograms of the fetus during pregnancy.

Arthrograms – Fluoroscopic guided injections are performed onsite to administer contrast into joints before MRI and CT exams. This procedure is helpful for accurate diagnosis of conditions such as labral tears in the shoulder or hip as well as evaluating cartilage in joints.

Our Radiologists

All imaging tests performed at the Skagit Imaging Pavilion are interpreted by the team of fellowship-trained radiologists in Skagit Radiology. Radiologists are doctors with advanced training in the interpretation of medical images and the performance of imaging-guided procedures. Our physicians have also each undergone additional specialized training in specific areas such as Breast Imaging, Musculoskeletal Radiology, or Neuroradiology.

Skagit Imaging Pavilion

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